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The Menzingers have just dropped the video for their single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore’ and the video fits the song title to a tee. Based on a reforming serial killer, it’s an excellent video.

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Black Stone Cherry have revealed a new song called Never Surrender which is off their new album Magic Mountain! Magic Mountain is set to hit the shelves on May 9. Stream the track below!

Need help with programming drums? Who better to help you out than Periphery’s Misha Mansoor?! He’s uploaded a pretty comprehensive YouTube tutorial clocking over 15 minutes and it’s worth the watch.

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Linkin Park have revealed the album trailer for their upcoming release The Hunting Party! From what they’re saying in the video, Guilty All The Same is a good indication of what the rest of the album is going to sound like and the band confirm that they’re going into a heavier direction. 

Check out below!

Our favourite Latin-metal band De La Tierra have just mentioned that they’re going to come to Australia! Frontman Andreas Kisser recently caught up with Loudwire to talk about the bands debut self-titled album that was released at the start of this year, why they sing in Spanish and Portuguese and their touring plans for the rest of the year (which include Australia!)

First thing I saw even before hearing the album was the ‘Maldita Historia’ video. Great song, could you talk about that track?

Yeah, that song is ummm… it’s a track that Alex González he wrote on the first demos. It came from one of his demos, and Andres later arranged some parts with new riffs, and vocals, and then finally we all arranged the song in practice, together. Playing together and stuff, and that’s the result of ‘Maldita Historia,’ so uhh, I think we chose ‘Maldita’ because it’s not the heaviest song on the album, it’s more like mid tempo and stuff. And it’s maybe not really the most extreme from the album first, you know? Now we’re doing the second video tape for ‘San Asesino,’ which is a song that mixture, you know the English and Portuguese on the same song, and it’s a little bit more heavier, more in your face, and there’s lots of the elements there you know, reggae and stuff, it’s good to hear a Mexican drummer with a Portuguese bass player playing samba, you know? It’s amazing, it’s amazing spice that you have there, and of course you create something new there. The video is almost done, so in a few weeks I think, together with a tour in South America we’re going to put it out.

Is there a favorite song on this album, and why it stands out to you?

I’ve got to say I really love them all, I think the first one, ‘Somos Uno,’ it’s very special. A song from Andres Gimenez, he wrote the music and he wrote the lyrics as well. And it talks about that, not only about the band, that we are united regardless of the cultural feedback or background. In a band like De La Tierra, coming from metal, from ska, from punk rock, you know — all playing metal there together, and at the same time it shows that South America, Central America, North America, it’s kind of the same, you know? It’s like one big community, Latin community that is huge. And we all have more in common than we can imagine, you know, so… I think the first song on the album, that really opens it up, is the most special one for me, right now at least.

[De La Tierra] got together for the love of heavy metal. Can you talk a bit about coming together on that idea and then the decision to record your disc in Spanish and Portuguese?

I think the idea to sing in Spanish / Portuguese was most appealing. That was a challenge of it all, to do something like that. Our own languages that we could express ourselves more naturally, and also something new and something different that we want to do. Again, to make heavy metal, to do metal music and do heavy s—, we used the same tuning — the low tuning. But you know the mixture we had between musicians create the sound, you know? Actually, Flavio, the bass player who is not a metal bass player, he plays like ska and more like hardcore music. He’s bringing something very new to the style, he’s no ordinary metal bass player. He’s bringing some slaps, and two hands techniques that you don’t even see in a metal bass player, you know? The thing is the most original stuff that are creating something new from, of course me and Andreas we write this stuff for metal for years. It’s much more natural and easy for us, and Alex is a metal head, he plays metal very naturally. So as far as the elements, they are bringing some real original ideas and riffs playing to the style in general you know, so, it’s pretty cool.

What does the future hold for you?

Lots of metal. [laughs] I think a trip, it’s like Sepultura really have like a nice schedule ahead, and we have all the important summer festivals in Europe to do. And the possibility that De La Tierra and Sepultura will do shows together as well, you know? I don’t think that would be impossible to think about that, so maybe some shows together in the summer, we head to Australia, we’ve got to do some shows in Brazil. You know we just want to get to go everywhere, we celebrating 30 years of Sepultura this year, you know so. Very special dates. We like to go everywhere and celebrate, you know, that’s it.

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If you’ve ever caught yourself dreaming about being the frontman to a huge metal band or working with Joey Jordison, now’s definitely your chance.


Halestorm recently took some time out to talk to Rocksverige in Sweden and you can check out some behind the scenes action with the band. They talked about the direction that their new album is taking, what it’s like to work with and become friends with some of their musical heros, the legacy of Ronnie James Dio and what their fans mean to them.

Check it out!

Miss May I's new album Rise of the Lion is set to hit the shelves this Friday and we can’t wait to hear what they’ve put together! The guys have just released a lyric video for the track Refuse To Believe which is the 3rd track off the album, have a listen and let us know what you think!

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach and Adam D caught up with The Lowdown before playing Download Festival recently! They talked about when they’re planning on getting back into the studio to write a new record, how they come up with their set lists and share stories about their scariest experience when on tour and Adam D's favourite performance outfit.

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Finally, you can check out the new video for Black Stone Cherry’s ‘Me & Mary Jane’! This is the first single off their new album Magic Mountain which is due for release on May 9 in Australia!