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Corey Taylor recently played in California at the “Summer Concert Series” and completely owned it despite playing solo and acoustic! Although really, it is Corey Taylor so I don’t know why that would be a surprise to anyone.

Corey's a pretty busy guy at the moment, playing shows with Stone Sour, getting ready to release the next Slipknot album later this year (well, we hope it will land this year!) as well as getting ready to release his acting debut in Fear Clinic!

Check out his live renditions of Through Glass, Bother, Wicked Game & Spit It Out below!

More Slipknot teasers are here. I’d head back over to if I were you…

Frost of Norweigan metal band Satyricon took some time to catch up with Ghost Cult Magazine. It’s kind of entertaining to watch the two together because they’re in the deep south of the States and the interviewer doesn’t really start off on Frost’s good side by struggling to pronounce the band’s name. However, he asked some pretty interesting questions and if you ever wondered which Elvis song the band would cover, you might just find your answer below!

Of Mice & Men’s Austin Carlile and Aaron Pauley recently took some time to talk about their epic latest album Restoring Force with Loudwire! They discussed how they went about writing the album, how it goes down live and the story behind their latest single You’re Not Alone!

You’ve said that the title ‘Restoring Force’ refers to what happens after a flood. Were there themes that carried over from ‘The Flood’ album?

Austin Carlile: The themes necessarily don’t. We still kept on track of singing about real situations that we have been through. That is what we did with ‘Restoring Force’ is that we made each song about kind of something that we have either personally dealt with or we have known someone who has dealt with that then we wrote about it.

Aaron Pauley: That was what was really important to us because that is how you can really connect with people. That is what people a lot of time connect with in music is finding a similarity, you know, just between yourself and another person.

Your voices work so well together. Austin, can you talk about what it means to have Aaron as a part of your band?

AC: It’s great. I remember going into the studio and we were recording and it didn’t even dawn on us that we actually recording with him until we were like a week or two in. We were like, “Oh wait, we are recording a record together,” because it just didn’t feel like it. It just felt natural and normal, I guess. I don’t know how that is supposed to feel. I have never recorded an album like that before.

So Aaron and I got to sit and literally write with each other from a sentence to finding one word to go. Spinning out 150 bad ideas and then getting one good idea and learning to shoot each other down and learning to — it was a cool experience and it was cool having someone like him on board. For our band to bring that — for us, for Of Mice & Men, he was our restoring force and that was something that we could provide to all of our listeners because of what we have established before he was even around. Then he brought that to us and now we get to bring that to them. It kind of works full circle.


Did you consider how ‘Restoring Force’ would go over in a live setting when you are putting it together?

AC: Absolutely. I mean with every song you do that — we have never been that band that uses really any kind of crazy sounds or loops or instrumentals or orchestras. We have never been that band, so we know whatever is on our record we get to play it live and it going to sound good live. That is a thing we thought about when we were writing entire whole parts. That is something that we are going to continue to do.

You go to a show to see a show. You go to a show to enjoy yourself and to forget the rest of the world for three hours, have a beer with your friends and bang your head and that is what we want to do — music for people to do that to.


‘You’re Not Alone’ is one of the standout tracks on the disc. If you want to talk a little bit about that song and how it came together…

AC: It was the first song we put out from the album. It’s a fun, live banger. Watch you will see when we are playing it. I think we are playing it second to last tonight. The crowd gets going. It’s an anthem. It’s fun. It is a lot of fun. The music was something that was a lot slower than we have ever done in any other song like that people. We were like, “Let’s just play with it.”

AP: The working title of that song was ‘Anthem.’ We realized that with our fan base that’s what people come to shows, people would go see Queen back in the day for ‘We Will Rock You’ the (stomps and claps). So you could really feel like you are a part of something. That song is hugely anthematic both just in the way the music is, four on the floor and one twenty. It is just as dance hall as you can get basically. The kids really connect with it because its something that was very important for us to write, you know.

There is always hope, you are not alone. A lot of the time I feel like that’s what people — that is one of the worst things you can experience is feeling alone. It is one thing to feel sad or angry but feeling alone is like, nobody needs to feel alone. Not that people that listen to our music because they can connect with anybody else that listens to our music. That song was hugely important for us. It was a little bit of an oddball to throw out as the first song because it is so different, sort of, than our previous music. But I really do like that song and the crowd loves the song.

Check out the rest of the interview at Loudwire

Crown The Empire just dropped their killer new album The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways and have an awesome new video to match! The guys have put together a clip for Machines which has a pretty cool story line.

Check it out below!

Alter Bridge have just released an awesome new video for their track 'Cry of Achilles' which has to be one of my favourite’s from their latest album Fortress! 

The guys have chosen to go with an animated video this time around, check it out!

Australian metalcore legends I Killed The Prom Queen have just released an awesome new video for Bright Enough which is off their latest record Beloved!

The guys are about to embark on their Australian tour with The Ghost Inside, In Hearts Wake, Bury Tomorrow & Hellions. Make sure you get your tickets because it’s going to be one hell of a show!

Friday, 5th September
Magpies City Club, Canberra (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Saturday, 6th September
The Cage, Picton (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Sunday, 7th September
Cambridge, Newcastle (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Tuesday, 9th September
YAC, Byron Bay (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Wednesday, 10 September
Kontraband, Toowoomba (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Thursday, 11th September
Coolangatta Hotel, GC (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Friday, 12th September
The Arena, Brisbane (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Saturday, 13th September
Oasis Youth Centre, Wyong (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Sunday, 14th September
UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney (AA)*
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Tuesday, 16th September
Hotel Gearin, Katoomba (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Wednesday, 17th September
Neil Wilson Pavillion, Wodonga (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Thursday, 18th September
Mechanics Hall, Frankston (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Friday, 19th September
170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Saturday, 20th September
Phoenix Youth Centre, Melbourne (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Wednesday, 24th September
Karova Lounge, Ballarat (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Thursday, 25th September
Synergy Dance Studios, Mt Gambier (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Friday, 26th September
HQ, Adelaide (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Saturday, 27th September
Leederville HQ, Perth (AA)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Sunday, 28th September
Capitol, Perth (18+)
Tickets: Via IKTPQ

Ice-T always has something interesting to say and today we’ve got him talking to Loudwire about Body Count’s new album Manslaughter! He talks about going from cop killer to blogger killer, what the goal was with releasing Manslaughter and explains that with his more controversial songs that he’s ‘not singing to you if it bothers you’. Well, makes sense I guess!

Check out the interview below! 

Surely by now you’ve had a chance to give Body Count’s new album Manslaughter a spin and if you haven’t, you definitely need to hear it. Ernie C and Vincent Prince recently caught up with Loudwire to talk about the new record, how it came together, and the inspiration behind Bitch In The Pit!

We’re all glad to have Body Count back together. I know it’s been a while since you guys have done an album. Can you talk about bringing it back around and getting everything going again?

Ernie C: It was time. We hadn’t done a record in almost eight years. The climate is great for a Body Count record. It felt right. We’re not doing a record for the sake of doing a record, it was the right time. Ice is available to play and he was into it, so here we are.

‘Manslaughter’ — how did it become the title of the album?

Vincent Price: ‘Manslaughter’ is based on the whole industry and how everything has been going these days. These bands, these songs, everything. When we came about writing these songs, we just felt they were so different and Body Count was just more current then. We just want to basically come and take everything over.

‘Talk S–t, Get Shot’ — love that track and the video is awesome. Talk about the track and then the video.

EC: It’s a rule of life! Body Count brings everything to the extreme. You can talk s–t and get punched but we say talk s–t get shot. Body Count is an extreme band. So we wrote the song, just as it goes to bloggers and to people on the Internet who just say things and don’t realize that it affects people. You can’t get shot from words, words are something you can get in trouble about. That’s what that song is about. The video — it was very interesting. Just shooting people in the street.[laughs]

‘B-tch in the Pit’ is a great song.

EC: It’s the song about the empowerment of women. That’s what that song is really about. We saw a girl that was controlling in the pit. So that’s the song for women to be dominant on.

Ernie, you started the band with Ice-T. What’s it been like seeing Body Count evolve over the years?

EC: It’s interesting because I’ve been doing the band for 24 years, 25 years basically. We’ve lost three members over the years. This combination is the best ones I’ve had since the beginning. Everyone is one removed from the person who’s passed. Vince is the second bass player, we had another bass player and he — it was the third member of the band. The band had time to heal. We were playing too soon after someone passed. Now the band has grieved and now we’re out playing and it feels damn good again. I feel like a kid out here!

A lot of things haven’t changed, has anything changed for you? Especially the way touring is nowadays.

EC: The music business has changed for the worse I think. Things we used to do for free they charge for, which we don’t like. We used to come out and do meet and greets and just sign everyone’s stuff, now the record company says we can’t do that. You can’t do this. We’re selling a bundle, we’re selling a helicopter ride with you. [laughs] You can’t do things you used to do for free.

Check out the rest of the interview at Loudwire