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Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men recently caught up with Full Metal Jackie on Loudwire Nights and talked about the advantages of having two vocalists, what their latest album Restoring Force means for the band moving forward and why they’re so excited about their upcoming tour with Linkin Park!

Austin, having two capable vocalist is a huge asset for a band. What has the contrast between Aaron’s voice and yours, given you the ability to do as a vocalist?

A lot. Having Aaron join the band and having his voice there for us to use, [laughs] however we would need to, it gives me a lot of confidence. It’s cool for us with the writing process because I’ll write parts for him and he’ll write parts for me. I’ll write singing parts for him and he’ll write singy parts for me. I’ll write screaming parts for him and back and forth. It gives us a chance to work off of each other’s traits and strong points. If there’s something he can’t do, I probably can do it and visa versa. It’s great to have that in our arsenal and to be able to have just a contrast of our voices in general. Sometimes we’re both singing together and most people don’t even notice. It can blend well.

There’s been so much analysis of ‘Restoring Force’ by critics who reviewed it. Some calling it “a departure,” categorizing it as a new start for Of Mice And Men. What makes the album quintessential Of Mice And Men and what aspects of it are intentionally meant to pave the way for what the band does next?

I love that question. We went into the studio and pre-production with the idea, that we just wanted to write music that we wanted to play. We wanted to write music that we would would want to listen to, that we enjoy. That took us back to, “OK, do we want to write music in the vein of how the bands that started us wanting to be in a band? Or do we want to write music like the bands that started us liking music?” So, we did throw back with some of the stuff we do, some of the sounds you hear are some of the same stuff we grew up listening to from A Perfect Circle, to Korn to Linkin Park, whatever it may be. Staind, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin. We really wanted to put a record out there that was Of Mice And Men because it was Aaron, Austin, Alan, Phil and Tino. Just have good songs that we knew we’d really enjoy playing.

The record turned out to be this whole other entity and this whole thing in itself. We’re really grateful we got the chance to do it and we’re already working on new music to further that step into the world of, OK, we understand there’s EDM and we understand there’s radio rock and there’s indie rock. KROQ has become a place where they play DJ stuff and whatever it is. The “rock world” is a lot smaller than it used to be. It’s doing a lot less things than it used to be. From Woodstock back in the day and Rage Against the Machine, no one sells millions of records anymore. Linkin Park has sold over 50 million records and Korn has sold millions of records. That just doesn’t happen with this kind of music.

But what we wanted to show was the songwriting in all of that, as well as the bands that are coming up and doing this. We wanted to take a step away from that. We wanted to take a step away from what everybody else was doing. We wanted to do what Of Mice And Men was doing and what we wanted to do. That came out to be ‘Restoring Force’ and it just gave us that door to open up and play in front of new people and to tour with new bands that we’ve always wanted to tour with. We’re going to continue doing that in our future. Our fans love it, we love it and people are liking it so far so they can expect more.

You’ll support Linkin Park in Europe in a few months. From a perspective from a musician with his ear to the ground, when they’re on stage, what will you be listening to and watching for in terms of inspiring your own creativity?

Linkin Park has been a band for such a long time, for me, in my eyes. I was 16-years-old when I first heard them. I heard ‘Hybrid Theory,’ and I was floored at what I was listening to. It was angry yet melodic, it had hip-hop and it had — it was just different, good. Good songwriting. I’d take anything from Linkin Park, from their production to how they play their guitars, how their guitar techs work. I’ve seen them live before and have gotten to see how things work. It’s a well oiled machine and it’s really cool for a band like ours to be able to tour with a band like theirs and to learn from them.

We’re doing the same things we are, yeah, we’re a few steps behind but those are the kind of footsteps we want to follow in. That’s why we want to surround ourselves with these bands that are doing this because they’ve done something right and they make good music. At the end of the day, that’s what we want to do. We just want to be able to play music and support our families. I want to be as old as Mike Shinoda — I hope he hears this — and have an awesome life and family and support yourself because of music. That’s me, that’s a dream come true already on top of what I’m doing.

Check out the rest of the interview at Loudwire

The Amity Affliction have really taken things to the next level with their new video for The Weigh Down! The track is from their latest album Let The Ocean Take Me and features the guys on fire** (and I can confirm that they were actually on fire**)!

Watch below!

Comic site Bleeding Cool have confirmed that Gerard Way will write his own comic which will be based on the story of Peni Parker, a teenage girl of Japanese heritage who co-pilots a mech called “SP//dr,” for issue number 5. The issue will be illustrated by Jake Wyatt.

Way has said that he’s drawn inspiration from mangaka Katsuhiro Otomo and artist Paul Pope.

“I started with the work of Otomo, and drew from his books Domu and Akira, for the overall feel of everything,” said Way. “Being a big Paul Pope fan, I also drew from his work from THB and Batman Year 100. I started with the visual concepts and then built the story around that. I knew I wanted a little girl piloting a machine, and a psychic spider friend. I wanted to keep the aspect of the radioactive spider ‘bite,’ and make it work in a new way, and that provided the glue of the concept.”

Marvel describes the premise of the comic as a futuristic city in which Spider-Man takes the shape of a government project. The project is comprised of three vital components: a pilot, a machine and a radioactive sentient spider acting as one half of the brain that makes it all work.

via Classicalite

Thanks to our friends at Buzzfeed, we can take a look at all the new Slipknot masks! In case you’ve forgotten, their new album .5 The Gray Chapter will be in stores on October 17!

#6 Shawn Crahan

#0 Sid Wilson

#4 Jim Root

#8 Corey Taylor

#3 Chris Fehn

#5 Craig Jones

#7 Mick Thomson

via Buzzfeed

Mastodon are always doing something interesting, and this week they decided to hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live and show them a bit of metal! They played The Motherload and you can check out the sweet footage below!

Dream Theater are gearing up to bring their An Evening With tour to Australia in just a few weeks! We’re pretty excited to see their live show, and their new DVD Breaking The Fourth Wall: Live From The Boston Opera House released on October 3rd will break up the time between now and then quite nicely! The guys have revealed a small snippet of what we’ll see, releasing a video of Strange Deja Vu! Check it out below!

If you are itching to see The Amity Affliction again after they just tore it up all over Australia on their sold out Let The Ocean Take Me tour, then our friends at Unified have presented you with something awesome to do in January next year! Unify: A Heafy Music Gathering is bringing a whole bunch of rad bands to Gippsland just after we’ve recovered from New Years (lets be honest, it takes a good week to 10 days if you’ve done it properly)! Make sure you get your tickets from the 2nd of October!

The genius that is Ed Harrington has combined his two great loves, horror movies and Ikea furniture in this amazing series of images. Follow instructions to create a real-life horror movie! You can check out the rest of his work at his Tumblr.

Jason Voorheeds from Friday the 13thimage

Pinhead from Hellraiser


Edward from Edward Scissorhands


The Brundlefly from The Fly


The Human Centipede from The Human Centipede


The Xenopmorph From Alien


Everybody’s favourite Los Angeles hardcore band The Ghost Inside have announced that they’re releasing a new album called Dear Youth on November 14! 

Front man Jonathan Vigil explains the album concept in a letter written to his younger self:
Dear Youth,

I’m writing to you now because it seems I’ve lost my way. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it started, but I know that it’s not like it was before. I’ve realized the more time that passes, the more we lose touch. It’s starting to feel like all I ever do now is lose touch with things. But not you, I never wanted to lose you

I wish I had something to blame it all on, but I don’t. One day I was there and the next I was here. As if I was dreaming and suddenly woken up. These days I’m always wondering if what I’ve done is enough. It’s getting harder and harder for me to shake this feeling of stagnance

So old friend I’m writing to ask you what it feels like to have the whole world in your hand? Where we could set out and do anything that we imagined. Endless possibilities way before complacence set in. To be honest with you, I’ve forgotten what that all feels like. There was a wonder about us that has long since faded. That sense of excitement, I miss it.

Dear youth, will you show me again? I need to be reminded of those times, back before this began…
- xx

The video for the title track Dear Youth is below and features fan footage! Check it out!

California band Plague Vendor recently released their killer debut album Free To Eat and have just dropped an awesome new video for ‘Breakdance On Broken Glass’! If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, you definitely need to check out the video below!

Free To Eat "makes you want to dance and destroy everything around you" – LA WEEKLY